Treasure Chest Waterpark

Crab Island - Destin, FL

To all our great customers of Treasure Chest Waterpark…
We appreciate your business over the years, unfortunately, we have been forced out of business, due to the county commissioners office passing a law for no overnight mooring for commercial vessels on Crab Island or any where in the county.

This has effected all commercial businesses on Crab Island. We would appreciate you voicing your opinion via email or phone call to all county commissioners in Okaloosa County.
Board of Commissioners:

850-651-7105 or 850-423-1541


We carry everything you forgot to bring!

The Treasure Chest is Destin Crab Island’s go to convenience and entertainment hotspot, established to serve your every need.

Is your float flat? Or worse… you forgot to bring it? Pick your new float and we will even inflate it for you.

We carry everything from sunblock to phone chargers, floats to balls of all types even snacks & sodas.

All Waterpark passes and Paddle Board rentals are processed onboard the Treasure Chest.

Hang out with us on deck, while you keep your toes in the water!