Treasure Chest Waterpark

Crab Island - Destin, Florida

Vacation play has never been so cool!

Kids will bounce, run, slide, jump, climb and spill as they navigate the waterpark’s course. Make a splash, meet new friends and have a great time at Destin’s premiere waterpark.

Enjoy your day while the kids jump, laugh and play at Destin’s premiere entertainment experience.

Tickets are available onboard the Treasure Chest.

*Height and weight restrictions apply.

Treasure Chest Waterpark is a family fun park located at the heart of Crab Island, Destin, Florida. Crab Island, a pristine local gathering spot for the adventurous spirit. Soak up the best Destin has to offer on our shallow, safe-haven sandbar located bay-side of the Destin bridge.

Grab hold and hang on to your vacation fun.